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Pelo in Spanish exists as both a countable noun and an uncountable noun as it is in English (I'm not familiar with German, unfortunately). That is, normally when used in the singular, it will be interpreted as a mass of hair, viewed collectively. In the plural, and occasionally in the singular given proper context, each strand of hair is viewed ...


You can either add on an -s or -es, or just leave it as is with some other word marking its plural status. I personally pluralize most of them, but it will depend on the degree of lexicalization of the initialism. un CD(cedé), dos CD(cedé o cedés) un DVD(deuvedé), dos DVD(deuvedé o deuvedés) un ONG(oenegé), dos ONG(oenegé o oenegés) una DS(dese), dos ...


CD´S in spanish is the same form like english but the pronunciation is (CE-DES)


In this case you should use just "pelo". "Im going to get my hair cut." "Me voy a cortar el pelo."

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