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An effective way to identify a subjunctive sentence is via its conjugation. Identifying when you need to use it is much more complex, at times obligatory, at others verboten, and of course with an occasion for it to be more or less optional based on intended meaning and a very complex topic. In your examples, the answers are straightforward and fall in the ...


Questions about subjunctive mood are rarely simple or quick. I found that better understanding the English subjunctive goes a long way to understanding the nuance presented by subjunctive mood in Spanish. Read http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_subjunctive Examples: I insist (that) he leave (not 'leaves') now. We asked that it be (not 'was') done ...


Nope, still indicative because you are certain that this person exists. If your sentance had been: I doubt you will find a secretary who can use a computer You would have had to use the subjunctive... Dudo que encuentres un secretario que sepa usar un ordenador Because you doubt you will find this person, so they don't necessarily exist.


Whether a clause needs subjunctive or not depends exclusively on (for subordinates) the clause immediately superior to it in the sentence hierarchy, (for relatives/adjective clauses) the noun that it modifies, and (for noun clauses) the surety and subjectivity thereof.1 que encontrarás/encuentras/vas a encontrar a un secretario is a noun clause which is ...

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