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Initially I figured this was a mere misspelling for ilícito. That said, I pulled up the document it seems you got this from, and I'm more inclined to say it an odd calque from English (or Latin, given that's ultimately where we got it from) to Spanish. The OED defines elicit (adj.) as “Of an act: Evolved immediately from an active power or quality; ...


No, that's a bad transcription. The actual word being sung is sucieza, which isn't proper Spanish also, but it's derived from sucio [dirty]. So the line: Te ha jugado una sucieza no merece tu perdón. can be roughly translated as: She played you dirty, she doesn't deserve your forgiveness.


As already said, it's not proper Spanish. The proper noun derived from adjective "sucio" would be "suciedad". Even then, one wouldn't say it like that. Perhaps "Te ha jugado una vileza" or "Te ha jugado una mala pasada".

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