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His leg hurts would be correctly translated as "Le duele la pierna", literally, "The leg hurts him". In this respect, it functions exactly as in English, except that an object is obligatory, rather than optional. If you wanted to say that Ronaldo's leg hurts, you would just specify him as the explicity indirect object: "Le duele la pierna a Ronaldo". In ...


The DPD gives good advice on this topic. Basically, there is one exception to when you can't indirect object pronoun. Here are the rules copied from another answer I gave a while back. If the object (indirect or direct) is a person pronoun (mí, ti, etc) and included anywhere in the sentence, you must include the pronoun with the verb (indirect or ...


That's because with the verb ordenar the direct object is the given order, and the indirect object is the recipient of that order. With insultar you have only a direct object, the one receiving the insult.


In this case, tomar is not synonymous with beber, rather with robar or quitar. That makes it a bit easier to understand in the context of the song (“La Guitarra” by Los auténticos decadantes): Vos Mejor que te afeites Mejor que madures, mejor que labores Ya me(reflexivo) cansé de que me(indirecto) tomes la cerveza (porque no quieres comprártela ...

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