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"A la orden" is a military phrase meaning "At your command", used to express the willing to serve to an official. From there, the phrase slipped into the non-military language with almost the same meaning: the willing to make something requested by somebody you care about: a boss, a client, a friend or a relative.


Expresión or frase is correct for these 3 examples, there is not an idiom or phrasal verb in Spanish. Looking on internet I have seen many examples but with an adjective before: a vivid turn of phrase >> una frase deslumbrante a homely turn of phrase >> una frase coloquial / una expresión coloquial linguee.es she has a picturesque turn of ...


Here a pair of suggestions: Somebody has a nice turn of frase means alguien sabe expresarse (bien o bonito); when the turn of phrase bears a positive connotation, it could also be also elocuencia, ser elocuente. Perhaps it might be helpful vena poética (poetic vein).

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