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Rewording it in English can give you clues. For example, when work refers to ability-to-function, the verb funcionar percolates to the mind's surface. El televisor ya no funciona. No funciona mi coche. Another version of work in English is, for instance, this doesn't work for me, as in not appropriate or doesn't serve me well. The latter one gives ...


The man is working. -- El hombre está trabajando. It is broken. No funciona (meaning "está averiado") This is not working. -- Esto no está funcionando / esto no está dando resultado (as in "este plan no está funcionando) A working prototype. -- Un prototipo funcional


In Colombia, it's not common translate the "Shit happens" expression literally. As complement to datelligent's answer you may notice that Sh** word isn't used in translated expression. The most adequate translations can be: Esas cosas pasan. / Esas cosas suceden.


Aquí están las opciones: It is broken. (As in, "It doesn't work."): Está dañado. Broken implies that it is broken so "dañado" can mean that is damagged. This is not working. (As in, "I am having problems."): Esto no está funcionando. This is not working. Esto no está trabajando. This is not workig [an engine or something mechanical]. A ...

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