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Melaza is a byproduct of the production of sugar and panela (a.k.a piloncillo) and it's dark brown and very sweet. The song you mention is really called "Las caras lindas" and it's interpreted by the great Ismael Rivera (himself an afro-descendant). The song talks about how beautiful black people are, how loving, etc. I think using melaza as a metaphor of ...


Español No lo creo. Probablemente, realmente esté diciendo que nos sostengamos de una sombra ya que el mundo se afinó y no podemos sostenernos de él, y por el contrario sería más fácil hacerlo de una sobra. Fíjate en la metáfora y la ironía ya que no puedes sostenerte de una sombra. Inglés I don't think so. Probably he's really saying to hold ourselves ...


You can treat it as sweet mix or dulce mezcla.

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