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well, "se te va el avion" dont jus mean that some person frequently forget something, also if you say stupid-crazy things that are no related with the topic you are talking about, it's a kind of joke for example if I ask you about the whether and you say "it was a busy monday" then people could say "a Richard se le va el avion", other similar phrase is "dar ...


Speaking of Mexico, it's a very old and used phrase, which is not very common nowadays. The most common use is as a "polite" way to threaten or to warn somebody about a given situation. It's used a lot in old 50's movies...usually by elderly people and mother roles. My grandparents used to say that a lot as well. Example: The Mom leaves to the market, ...


Amigui: friend = amigo. dude = amigui. It is the same "amigo", but with a more affectionate, as in the case of cat touch, kity, something good. denotes trust


amigui is not the short form for amiguito. amigui is used for a more tender way to express amigo(a).


This is something I've started to hear recently, also in Spain. I think amigui is an abbreviation for amiguito which is, as JesusS says in his answer, more affectionate.


Amigui is like amigo but in a more affectionate way. "Amigui" as a word doesn't exist and I never used it, but in Spain we use to say "coleguis" instead of "colegas" (buddies) with the same nuance

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