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Aside from technical you shouldn't use verga in formal situations, since is considered peyorative for some people depending on your location. As a Venezuelan citizen, I can tell you that the word verga its widely used by us but in an informal (and quite often an ofensive) way. It can connotate several things: An object or replacement for a word that you ...


Just avoid using that word at all. Even in casual conversations it is vulgar.


I think I would avoid using "verga" if you are not sure if anybody could be offended. Better safe than sorry. Regarding the last part of your question, I think there is a context where it could be not that offensive. As stated in the link to the RAE entry for this word, it is (just) a synonym for "pene". Then, it is explained that is an "interjección vulgar ...


Two answers regarding if and when you can use it: yes, if you are talking about an animal and navigation. No, if you refer to humans, as then it is straight vulgar. Edition: Here is a pair of examples of acceptable use, Manual del remontista ... page 11, the author's intended audience are interested in horses; and navegacion en Egipto ... pg 39, where is ...

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