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According to Tumbaburro de la Picardia Mexicana (Jimenez, A. Editorial Diana, 1977), a book that compiles hundreds of Mexican slang expressions, "cueros de rana" would be... "...a 100 pesos banknote that had a brownish colour and went out of print in 1975". Incidentally, and according to Bank of Mexico, from 1925 and 1978 Mexican banknotes were ...


In Mexico, there are many slang words that are so commonly used, that fit on both contexts you explain - awesome or sweet. The most fitting word in my perspective is ahuevo. I just thought about myself in the example situations you described when using those words and I totally felt to say "ahuevo" in both of them...(and I strongly believe that would be ...


this is a very old expression, and probably nobody uses it nowadays. My understanding is that it means U.S. dollars. I came across this expression reading La familia burrón, an old Mexican comic


I'm Mexican, born and raised...and the use and acceptance of that word varies according to the region. Of course, it is very informal, and should be avoided if you are with complete strangers. And you need to know how to use it in order to avoid offensive situations. People in Northern, and West-coast regions are very used to that word. The word can be ...

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