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I am from Mexico and for me the first translation is more natural. I think in your sentence the main verb is advise, the second verb is used as a complement of your sentence that is why this is used as infinitive (using it as a noun) but the use of a conjunction is also correct and for me is to make a clarification of what you want to say


I would even say ¿Qué me aconsejas?. Hacer is already understood as part of the sentence even though it doesn't appear!, btw, both sentences are correct


Both translations are perfectly correct. Honestly, both sound very natural to me (I'm from Uruguay). Another translation is: ¿Qué aconsejas que yo haga? I would also add: ¿Qué aconsejas hacer? ¿Qué aconsejas que haga? It's natural to and applies to "me". Talking about "the rule", when it says "me + verbo conjugado", "me" is the ...

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