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Estaba duchándome Me estaba duchando The above two sentences are exactly the same. Each one expresses an ongoing action; in your case, in the past. Me duchaba This sentence however, is very indicative. I showered. But did I shower everyday? When was I showering? How long was I showering? Did I shower everyday? Using the indicative leaves ...


In the example you give us, virtually no difference between "bañaba" and "estaba bañando". You can use them both in the same sense. However, if you want more accuracy or understand the difference, consider the following: Pretérito imperfecto (imperfect tense): indicates that an action happened several times in the past, regardless of their completion: ...


The correct way to say it would be El cuento empieza de repente como representando ... I realize that it will not translate through an online translator correctly, but online translators aren't the least bit reliable. At the least, they can provide you with a start research more, like with DRAE.


I think the correct answer would be ... empieza de repente como si fuera para representar You can't actually say "como si fuera representar", the way to say it is: ... empieza de repente como si fuera a representar un eclipse. This second one would mean something closer to the first one (like if it was to represent and eclipse). I think you could ...

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