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You have been told this is not an imperative sentence. But, let's talk about imperative. There are still cases on which you can state the subject of the command if you want. These require a plural imperative: ¡Váyanse ustedes dos a comprar las tortillas! (emphasis on you both) ¡Cómprense los dos un dulce! (one piece each) ¡Corran todos los niños! ...


Technically, phrases such as Viva Guatemala are not imperative, but subjunctive. Specifically, they are the subjuntivo exhortativo (u optativo). Technically there's nothing preventing them from having the subject in front, but there are two reasons that may cause the more common VOS/VSO from SOV/SVO. In modern times they are used almost as if (and to ...


Don't take my word for this, but I believe in cases like this it's not necessary imperative, but subjunctive and might be translated something like "May Las Vegas live!" I say this because I've heard things like, and forgive the vulgarity, "¡Que te folle un pez!" translated as "May you be fucked by a fish!"


Because «¡Viva Las vegas!» is among cases of imperative structures which express good fortune, applause or enthusiastic homage to something or someone. For this to happen, the 3rd person of the present subjunctive of the verb 'vivir' must be followed by a noun. As such it can't be said is just a common form of imperatives. Other examples are: «¡vivan los ...

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