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Gustar can be used in the imperative, but will normally be understand as to try / taste something (its transitive meaning is experimentar, percibir el sabor, etc). For example, the Argentinian Alfonsina Storni once wrote Corre, camina, gira, sube y vuela: Gústalo todo porque todo es bello However, because the literal meaning of intransitive gustar is ...


Sólo tengo que decir que sí: Gústete la comida. Está mal y: Te tiene que gustar la comida. Transmite correctamente el mensaje y por consiguiente es la mejor traducción. Es la que yo usaría. Te necesita gustar la comida. Está mal porque ni siquiera es correcto gramaticalmente. No veo otra opción mas que la anterior. Saludos.


The problem is that gustar is an inverted verb, compared to English. For example: I like the food. Me gusta la comida. In Spanish the subject is "comida", while "me" is the indirect complement, while in English, "I" is the subject and "food" is the complement. So you have to use the third person imperative, and that is constructed using the ...

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