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Creo que esa frase no tiene ningún significado entre líneas, aunque obviamente la oración completa es un "sinsentido" en la vida real porque un corazón no puede salirse del pecho, etc., la frase le duele el pecho no me parece que necesite algún tipo de aclaración o traducción especial, si no, simplemente "His chest hurts" porque creo que en inglés y en ...


Expresión or frase is correct for these 3 examples, there is not an idiom or phrasal verb in Spanish. Looking on internet I have seen many examples but with an adjective before: a vivid turn of phrase >> una frase deslumbrante a homely turn of phrase >> una frase coloquial / una expresión coloquial linguee.es she has a picturesque turn of ...


I've always associated "de nada" with "your welcome" and "no hay de que" with "don't mention it" or "don't worry about it." A couple phonetic spellings have popped up here, so I'll give my informal phonetic spelling from an English-speaker's perspective: "no ay day kay". Obviously pronouncing it exactly like the English words there would be slightly off, ...


Here a pair of suggestions: Somebody has a nice turn of frase means alguien sabe expresarse (bien o bonito); when the turn of phrase bears a positive connotation, it could also be also elocuencia, ser elocuente. Perhaps it might be helpful vena poética (poetic vein).

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