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Cognates are words that mean the same and are spelled the same in 2 languages. The site spanishcognates.org has many cognates for English to Spanish, but probably not all, there are a LOT! The reason that there are so many is because Spanish and English both have Latin and Greek roots. There is a list of English words derived from Latin words on Wikipedia ...


Those are called cognates with the same meaning, and, since both English and Spanish are Indo-European languages many words utimately share their etimology, even when they look different. See for example the numbers: One - Uno Two - Dos Three - Tres Four - Cuatro Six - Seis Seven - Siete Eight - Ocho Nine - Nueve Ten - Diez Some of them are obvious ...


I found these ones: http://pares.mcu.es/ http://www.bne.es/ http://bibdigital.rjb.csic.es/spa/index.php Hope it helps.

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