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No es correcto decir millanoas y no es un modismo en Venezuela ni en otro lugar. Es una lapsus, un error de este señor que tiene una educación no acorde con su cargo y se nota que lee muy poco, pues este es uno de muchos errores.


No, there are male and female weasels. It is true that the name of the animal as a species is "comadreja". There are cases where the animal species can specify gender as with cats: "gato" (male) or "gata" (female). I'm not an expert but I think this correlates with the species popularity. Regardless, it is determined by common usage, and it is completely ...


Well, first it's tramposa. The form doesn't change: Donald es una comadreja. Hillbillary es una comadreja. Note that we need to use the correct form of the article, we can't put Donald es un comadreja.


In both cases (when referring to male or female people) you would use the expression corresponding to the original gender of the expression, as you are actually using a metaphor: El señor Felipe es una comadreja tramposa. La señora Luisa es una comadreja tramposa. El señor Felipe es un bicho peligroso. La señora Luisa es un bicho peligroso. , so its use ...

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