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In the 20th Century, Spanish language scholars looked at the issues of el tuteo and el voseo. El "ustedeo" is an inside out twist at looking at honorific usted / ustedes forms of the 3rd conjugation. I recommend any student of Spanish research the voseo as it is not typically taught in school even though 40% of Latin Americans use the voseo. Once you learn ...


As stated on wikipedia Formal salutations. Only written. "Estimado" (+ name or title "Señor". "Sr." is the abbreviation). For male. Example for a man called Juan García: "Estimado Juan" or "Estimado Sr. García". The last is more formal. "Estimada" (+ name or title "Señora". "Sra." is the abbreviation). For female. Example for a woman ...


In Spanish the proper way is Dr. (male) or Dra. (female). Both are abbreviations of doctor and doctora, respectively. If you use the whole word, it can be used in lower case, but if you use the abbreviation, it is used in upper case, even in the middle of a sentence. In all cases, the title is followed by the person's surname. Examples: - Tengo que ...


Simply write "Querido Doctor (o Doctora) X"

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