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Does anybody read the part of the question that says "imperative form"? I am from Madrid and in an "imperative from", I would say depending on how many people the message is sent to: Only one person: "Tú" (any of the next options is fine): a) Salta sobre una (sola) pierna. a1) Da saltos sobre una (sola) pierna. b) Salta con una (sola) pierna. b1) Da ...


If you read the question, it says imperative form. So I think it should be Salta en una pierna or Brinca en una pierna


Brincar y saltar son sinonimos, asi que saltar con una pierna y brincar con una pierna son correctos, también le puedes indicar a alguien que de brincos con una pierna o de saltos con una pierna


"Jumping on one leg", (or "hopping on one leg) at least in Castilian Spanish would be Saltar a la pata coja Pata would refer to the leg of an animal or object, like a chair. Cojo/ja is someone or something with a missing leg. Los niños estaban jugando a este juego de saltar a la pata coja hasta el cuadro con la piedra, recogerla y regresar. The kids ...

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