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Arrégleselas Arréglatelas Arreglárselas con... Lidiar con... Coloquial del centro de Colombia: ...Usted verá qué hará con eso... * Muy coloquial: ...Eso sí... usté' verá... * -(Ver qué hacer con...) coloq. -(Mirar qué hacer con...) coloq.


The best answer is from Diego. And actually I could say "colado" it's probably the best for "crush", becouse you don't love actually, you only have this "like" feelings. Nobody say it before,its another way to say it too in Spain. like crush is somewhat..informal, isn´t it? This can be mean "crush" too: Estoy colgado de él. The littleraly translation ...


Matices means nothing is neither white nor black for sure. A: Viene Pedro al a fiesta? B: Me dio un "sí" con matices. A: Qué? B: Que vendrá si termina a tiempo con otras cosas. Lo intentará, pero no se compromete porque otras cosas pueden interferir. or you could say a a smartphone is the best one con matices, meaning that is the best ...


No, it is not what you think. Your phrase would say we are not going straight to what is the center of the question; when "A ver, con matices" is a way to say that what we are saying, is not exact and we have to observe differences between similar things. You use that phrase when you want to warn the listener in not using whatever you are saying in a ...


In Venezuela: Cálatela. OR Te la calas.

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