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The animal called in english as "gopher" is called in spanish tuzas, taltuzas o ratas de abazones. You can check Wikipedia and read this: Gophers are endemic to North and Central America. So no, there are no gophers in Spain, nor in most of latin America. This is why the translator chose a better known animal, the well known squirrel we all ...


My recommendation is to go ahead and practice speaking con distinciĆ³n (that is, distinguishing s from z/c). It's not going to be as important to others understanding you. There are only a handful of real possibilities for confusion when you speak with seseo (I would not recommend to anyone learning with ceceo), and it's not like Spaniards don't ever talk ...


We can not recommend you which one if you do not know the exact location. Should I learn the northern, southern or central British accent if I go to England? I guess the same can be applied to your country, Peloponnesian, Cretan, Northern ... Depending on the zone you can check out this answer. But if it were for me I will choose the "standard" Spanish, ...


Learn to speak with s. It is essential in Spain, specially in Andalusia

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