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It isn't Spanish, it's Latin. It is used in Spanish with the same meaning as in English. See: http://buscon.rae.es/dpdI/SrvltConsulta?lema=versus


No, versus is not a Spanish word. It comes from Latin, but the deal here is that it was first widely used in English for legal documents during the XV century. It is not very clear but this word could be considered an anglicism since it was first used in English and then in Spanish. Since it may be confusing in regard with its origin and its usage as ...


Why aren't ciclista and dentista feminine but modista is? Dentisto no es correcto en ningún caso, al igual que tampoco lo son electricisto, periodisto, pesimisto, populisto, sociolisto, catolicisto ni ciclisto. El sufijo -ista se aplica para ambos géneros. La palabra "modisto" es un caso excepcional donde su uso intensivo incorrecto se popularizó de ...

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