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Speaking of Mexico, the word rotar can also be used when players in a Volleyball team switch positions during the match. The other expressions listed here are not very common, but might come out in a creative, alcohol-driven night...


After hearing it in several conversations I figured out that it must mean "beat" or "defeat", hence it was "derrotar".


In Perú we use it colloquial to express the desire for sharing something. Rota el vaso. Pass the glass (among a group of people using the same glass)


The verb rotar is always related to the movement which is regularly to roll around one axis. For example rotate an image clockwise or counterwise. According to our Royal Spanish Academy dictionnary it also means to burp but it's not common. There is another sense for rotar in Latin America. It also means to shift work places or to swap tires in the ...


In a colloquial context you can also listen to rotar meaning "to wish", at least in Spanish from Spain. For example: Si me rota, lo mismo me pongo a tocar el piano meaning If I wish, I may start playing the piano Apparently, it comes from the Catalan rodar, "2. Donar la gana" -> "Dar la gana" -> "to wish".


It has to so with circular motion, but also applies to the following examples: rota el cuaderno. rota la tapa de la botella. debes rotarlo para que funcione. Basically, rotar stands also in spanish for giro (turn), so there's no exceptional way to use these verbs whenever you want.

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