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Here in Argentina, same as @Rodrigo said about Chile. Media (for men, women, or unisex) Specific for women kind of "media": Media de nylon, pantimedia, etc. Calza for women, unless otherwise said: calza deportiva para hombres.


In Spain is much more common to hear cremallera. You could use cierre and people would still understand you, provided that there is enough context Se me ha enganchado el cierre. Actually, the definition of creamallera is el cierre que se aplica a una abertura longitudinal cierre en prendas de vestir o bolsos. which implies that other pieces of ...


Cierre is an easier, lazier way to refer to zipper. It literally means close; a conjugation of to close. Cremallera is actually a zipper, the mechanism use to join openings in fabrics.


In Chile, "medias" has two meanings. The first is not important in this question, is the sport socks, used by both sexes. With a minimal difference are the same as "calcetas". The second "medias" refers to a type of lingerie, only wear by women. Is a set of panties with legs and which must necessarily be closed on the feet. That is: a trouser with socks, ...


I'm from Colombia (Bogotá D.C) and I only know that calzas are a short term for calzas dentales: Below, a example: ¿Tiene cita odontológica? Si, vengo a que me pongan unas calzas. Searching a little on internet, the word also be applicable to socks, however I only use the word medias.


I was hesitating about posting an answer because you are asking for the usage in Mexico specifically, and my Spanish is castilian, but in case it helps and until you get a better and more complete answer... My understanding is that 'calcetines' is what we use in a daily basis and 'calzas' would designate larger 'socks', like the ones soccer players (among ...

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