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The proper spelling is Béisbol: Diccionario de la lengua española. It's accented because is a palabra grave, that is to say, its stress is on the second syllable from right to left. I've also seen the original word baseball written in spanish texts, but it should be considered an anglicismo. The same happens with football and handball. Interesting ...


It's spelled both ways, but primarily uses the accent. The Oxford Spanish dictionary supports this. Wikipedia also mentions both spellings. It's also called pelota base.


Another alternative, in catalan, and widely used is Força Barça. The chant is pronounced as "Forsa Barsa".


Searching in Google Books, shows that translation being already used back in 1969. This is a newspaper/magazine called Hispano americano from 1969. Search for "dos de ellas" and "mariscal de campo". Take a look on the snippets of page 59, left column. It is definitely related to sports, possibly to American football. I know it is not a complete answer, but ...

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