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As to why, quite simple: three different etimologycal origins have resulted in the same word: The verb llamar comes from latin clamare The animal llama comes directly from a quechua word The flame llama comes from latin flamma Latin consonant groups -cl-, -fl- and others (such as -pl-) have frequently evolved into -ll- in Spanish, so these evolutions are ...


A way to refer to a Spanish speaker is "hispanohablante." There was a German saying that "Whoever speaks German is German." The term "hispanohablante" gets around the tricky issues of "descent" or "location."


RAE: desconchinflar. 1. tr. Cuba, El Salv. y Méx. deteriorar (‖ estropear). U. t. c. prnl. "Está desconchinflado" It's broken. desconchinfle sería el subjuntiivo en primera persona.

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