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Attempt / Try / Strive When tratar is used with the preposition de it means, more or less, to try. Not just to try, but rather to strive for something. If you are taking a course in school, then the teacher will be striving to teach the students. The teacher is all about the teaching. When an artist is working on a painting and someone asks him: What ...


No veo discordancia entre las tres oraciones. "Se trata de" es usado para decir algo así como "Las condiciones eran tales que _______" En el segundo ejemplo se le agrega un condicional adelante ("si..."). De este modo, "si se dieran las condiciones __________" En general diría que se usa para dar contexto sobre algo. ¿De qué se trata esto? can go ...


A varón is, indeed, a male human. Currently, this word is only used to emphasize the sex of the person we are talking about, so it would translate to male in English on most situations. The word hombre, on the contrary, can be used for a male human or in a generic sense, much as the word man is used in English, for the human species or unspecified people: ...


That is correct. varón refers exclusively to males when used to refer to humans.

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