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I often use it this way when traveling or going out for quite a while. We'll need something to eat. No one lives from wind. Or Wind doesn't feed anybody. Maybe the guy on the social site doesn't have a job or something similar.


Although this word has translation in Spanish, I think this word: Irony can be used for what you are trying to express. For example: What is the irony of a boxer? I think "colmo" is one of the many word that does not have a direct translation in English, and this is why you need to find a word close to the meaning. EDIT: I looked the ...


I saw a translation to "el colmo of..." long time ago. But you must have deep knowledge of the language. The "combler" is the closest you got and it is a good one. In fact, it is the one, but as the next entry says, "you cannot just borrow words and fit them into another language." The rest of the answers are not even close.


This word indeed is not a Spanish word. Although made popular by Joe Arroyo in Colombia in the early 80's, this song is not originally by him. The original song dates from the mid 70's and is by an Aruban artist named Robert Jeandor. The original song is in Papiamento which is the native language in the islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire. The lyrics were ...


The proof it's not the spanish word you are refering to, is that you have spelled it with a y, and not a i. "Sympa" is a french word, used in "tu es sympa!" or "c'est sympa!". It's more friendly and casual than "sympathique" that has a more formal meaning.


The reference you provided does not state that "sympa" is by any means a word in Spanish. That sympatico may be an English slang, probably originated from the Spanish simpático (Although it could very well be originated from the French sympathique), but that does not mean that "sympa" has a real meaning in Spanish. When I have heard "simpa" (sounds the ...


It's like saying "fool" or "fag" or "nigga"


Well, I know in English, !5! can sometimes be a "high five." That is the only thing I could find on Google in both English and Spanish.

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