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It's Surimi Why I'm telling that? I have searched in the RAE and others dictionaries and I haven't found the word. I have search in the net and I found sea food related. Caribbean Spanish is sometime mixed with English so the "me" in surime if you pronounce it in English sounds like "mi" in Spanish. Also, surimi is a type of crab imitation.


I google searched "sobadito comida" (please hold the easy jokes:P)and all the results I found refered both to "sobaos" and others refered to "bizcohos de soletilla" or "Melindros" but people called them sobaditos in some reciepes.


I'm from Costa Rica and I have been looking not for the meaning, but from which animal it comes, and by the way it is something similar to crab meat; the same color but I don't know where it come from.


'Sobar' is used also as "to knead". So a "sobadito" could means a biscuit of dough well kneaded.


Could you be referring to a 'sudado de mariscos' which is a kind of a soup but thicker? Your word may be a diminutive of this.


Looks like its derived from "sobado" ("well-worn", "shabby") by adding the diminutive suffix -ito. I don't think you can really express it in English exactly, and the particular meaning of the diminutive may depend on the content (e.g. "a bit shabby" seems to be a possibility).


I'm from Costa Rica and I have to admit that yes surime is a very peculiar word...here the meaning of it, is the name assigned to that peace of fake crab use in sushi, salads, etc. Costa Rica does not have big population of real crab, so, surime would be the "perfect" substitute.

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