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It's Surimi Why I'm telling that? I have searched in the RAE and others dictionaries and I haven't found the word. I have search in the net and I found sea food related. Caribbean Spanish is sometime mixed with English so the "me" in surime if you pronounce it in English sounds like "mi" in Spanish. Also, surimi is a type of crab imitation.


I google searched "sobadito comida" (please hold the easy jokes:P)and all the results I found refered both to "sobaos" and others refered to "bizcohos de soletilla" or "Melindros" but people called them sobaditos in some reciepes.


Looks like its derived from "sobado" ("well-worn", "shabby") by adding the diminutive suffix -ito. I don't think you can really express it in English exactly, and the particular meaning of the diminutive may depend on the content (e.g. "a bit shabby" seems to be a possibility).

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