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If you want to catch the attention of some one the more commonly ways are: Disculpá (informal) Disculpame (nethier formal or informal) Perdon (neither formal or informal) Discúlpeme (formal) Disculpe (formal) Perdoneme (formal) but if you want to reffer to their gender you can say: Chico/a, ... (kids or teenagers) ...


This is for Mexico: If you are talking to an elder man you say: Disculpe señor. Señor. Oiga, señor. Señor, disculpe. Yes, pretty much the same but those are the options. For an elder woman: Disculpe, señora. Oiga, señora. Señora. Señora disculpe. For some one under fourties, but not a kid: Disculpa. Chavo. ...


For men I would use caballero or señor : Perdone caballero, me permite una pregunta? or Disculpe señor, sabe donde esta esta calle? For women I would use Señora or Señorita. The first is used to married women, and the second for (younger) unmarried ones. Since yo can't tell, unless they are blatantly old I would go with Señorita (middle aged ...


Oiga is nice and pretty universal.


Doña is what I would use to convey such courtesy. ¿Doña María, cómo estás hoy?

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