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Tengo = I have (you could think of it as "I posses something" although the meaning is wider than that) Tengo un tractor amarillo Tengo que = I have to Tengo que ir al médio Tengo que terminar este informe para las 5 Both come from the verb tener (and here the conjugations). Realize that even if Have means "Tengo" (and has means "tienes") ...


Conjugated words ending in -ed and -ad are the imperative form of verbs of you in the vosotros form: Imperativo: (yo) - (tú) ten (usted) tenga (nosotros) tengamos (vosotros) tened (ustedes) tengan (vos) tené This is used only in Spain, in the Castilian dialect but it can be understood in all the Spanish speaking ...


It's the second person plural of the imperative mood for verbs of the second group (infinitive ending in -er). It usually means an order, request, or suggestion, imparted to more than one person. Here you have official conjugation models for all groups, moods, and tenses.

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