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If you were to replace trabajo with trabajar, it would read. This great book is the result of years of working hard. Even though trabajar isn't conjugated intp the gerund, it will still translate to the English gerund equivalent. El trabajar es dificil Working is hard Just as others have said, trabajo is a noun, not the 1st person singular present tense ...


In your sentence 'trabajo' is not the conjugation of 'trabajar'. This is actually the effect of this verb.


Saber: Este verbo se conjuga del mismo modo en todas sus acepciones, de manera que, con el sentido de ‘tener sabor a alguna cosa’, la primera persona del presente de indicativo es sé (y no sepo); así pues, se dirá Sé a sal (‘tengo sabor salado’) de igual forma que se dice Sé matemáticas (‘tengo conocimientos matemáticos’). Esta forma de primera persona ...


You are right, the correct is the first one, it conjugates as "saber=to know"; though it sounds a little odd. Some alternatives for "I don't taste good" "No tengo buen sabor" "No soy/estoy sabroso" (o "rico") BTW: in some places (as here, Argentina) the word "saber" with that meaning ("taste") is less used than the above alternatives, in general. Also, ...

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