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In Argentina the most natural traslation is: "Comí dos porciones de torta.” The main translation of "slice" is "rebanada" or "rodaja", but that only applies for transversal cuts (bread). And when it's very thin (ham, bologna) we say "feta".


Depends on the shape of the cake. Seriously! A "rodaja" is usually round in shape, like a wheel ("rodaja" is related to "rueda"). A "rebanada" is literally a "slice"; i.e., similar to a "rodaja", but not necessarily round, like a slice of bread. A "pedazo" or "trozo" (they're basically synonyms) can be of any shape. It's just a part of something. A ...


I'd go with "trozos" for a casual talk, or "porciones" for a formal situation.


Yo diría: Me comí dos rebanadas de pastel. o tambien Comí dos pedazos de pastel.


I am Nicaraguan. A repocheta is a torilla filled with queso fresco and deep fried. All the beans and other stuff are just how they're served.

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