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Fighting Cocks are calmed by their handlers by placing the rooster's head in the mouth. Darkness causes birds to immediately begin the sleep cycle. It was explained to me (by a great Restaurant ower in Acuna, Mex.)that often as soon as the handler put the bird's head in his mouth he would often be pecked on the tongue. The spices in the salsa gives the ...


According to the Wikipedia articles 1, 2, 3, there are three related species: Eryngium foetidum (en: culantro, Mexican coriander and long coriander; es: coriandro, cimarrón, culantro or recao), is originary from the tropical Americas (probably from Mexico), and has different common names including: «samat» (Guatemala), «cilantro de monte» (Venezuela), ...


Comida para niños. Entonces en el ejemplo, la expresión correcta es: Sándwich para niños. Otra opción es Emparedado/bocadillo para niños. si quieres evitar el anglicismo.

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