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Yo diría: Me comí dos rebanadas de pastel. o tambien Comí dos pedazos de pastel.


Depends on the shape of the cake. Seriously! A "rodaja" is usually round in shape, like a wheel ("rodaja" is related to "rueda"). A "rebanada" is literally a "slice"; i.e., similar to a "rodaja", but not necessarily round, like a slice of bread. A "pedazo" or "trozo" (they're basically synonyms) can be of any shape. It's just a part of something. A ...


I'd go with "trozos" for a casual talk, or "porciones" for a formal situation.


I am Nicaraguan. A repocheta is a torilla filled with queso fresco and deep fried. All the beans and other stuff are just how they're served.

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