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No one (at least in Spain) speak like this. It's just a kind of slang that is now frequently used in internet or as a joke... but it's not a proper way to speak


No puedo creer que pregunten estas cosas jaja soy argentina ambas frases "yo ke no soy un 100tifiko" y "Pa k kieres saber eso jaja saludos" surgieron de respuestas a una pregunta en "yahoo answers", pagina en donde alguien escribe cualquier tipo de pregunta y la gente contesta (similar a esta pero de tematica abierta). Alguien lo subio a las redes sociales y ...


Its just a funny way of saying scientific (100=cien + tifico). Just like 1000itar means mil+ital = militar. 3.1416loto means pilot (pi+loto). Remember to always answer a "Pa k kieres saber eso jaja saludos" These terms are popularized through Instagram and Youtube mainly.


Dale calor primo it's usually used in a very informal way, normally singed in songs (reggaeton or similar). The sentence is composed for two parts: The first one, dale calor; translated as a Come on!, give me the power or similar. In your sentence, it means go ahead or do something quickly. Literally the sentence means: give me heat. The second part, ...


"Dar calor" would mean to "go ahead with certain emphasis" with whatever affair they are involved in. For example when driving, "dale calor" can translate to something like "Floor the gas pedal"


100 is cien cien + tífiko should be slang for científico which is scientist So something like I am not a scientist...

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