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"El Chico" That is the best translation


To convey the pejorative connotations of "young whippersnapper" to "the kid" as a moniker I would go with: Niñato: Dicho de un joven: Sin experiencia /Petulante y presuntuoso It addresses someone young (who is possibly rude or a spoiled brat) as unexperienced but yet overconfident and annoying. Other synonyms for "kid" (apart from the more mainstream ...


Whereas you want to translate a word with a marked connotative tone, do not use saying "El Niño" which is very neutral in the case. Instead you could use any of the following: El Chico El Nene El Chavo (México) El Chaval (España) El Pibe (Argentina) In Chile we prefer "El Cabro Chico", but is a local idiom.

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