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For these cases in Spain we normally say... (hover over the block text to see it!) You may hear it with a very long "a", as in "Tacháááááááán". Since it is an onomatopoeia, it is not included in the RAE, so the source for the answer is my own memories together with this discussion in WordReference. In Latin America apparently they use other variants: ...


At least in Mexico it would probably would be ¡Tadá!, ¡Tarán! or ¡Tará!. Since it is not an official word, but a colloquialism, I guess it might change among regions.


Sorry if my example is very similar, it is what would be used in Chile: ¡Charáaah!. I think in the written language is a bit confusing. I would prefer a simple ¡Sorpresa!.


According to Capitan Calzoncillos ("Captain Underpants"), it's "Ta-ta-ta-ta-ta chaaaaah!"

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