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Definitively, you have to add articles to refer to abstract beings as subjects. In addition to previous answers, I'd like to add that a phrase like "La Valentía vive aquí" seems a bit odd, I'd go for a expression like: "El lugar donde vive la Valentía" Here you change your subject from Valentía to aquí ("El lugar" --> aquí) giving more emphasis to the ...


You need to use the definite article when you are referring to abstract beings or entities, in a general meaning (See this related question). La paciencia es una virtud La valentía vive aquí La libertad es una estado de la mente El amor nunca muere. Obviously the definite article wouldn't matter for the graphical representation, but if ...


It's not so much a matter of the graphical representation, or even of the phrasing. In Spanish, abstract qualities, like love, justice, or bravery, are always accompanied by el or la. It would sound funny without it.

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