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Various options that you can think about are: Tell the waiter you are trying to improve/practice Spanish. You can say "Me gustaría mejorar mi español, ¿podría hablar en español, por favor?" If it is too redundant, you can simply say "¿Podría hablar(me) en español, por favor?" Keep talking Spanish until the waiter realizes you want to use Spanish. Tell ...


Just keep talking in Spanish. If the waiter is smart enough he/she will use the language that you are using. For me is exactly the same, and if I am confident enough I also use to say that I prefer to speak in English.


Have you tried to document or record which basic words have troubled you, so that you can use the Etymological Approach to learning these troubling words? Not all words have known etymologies, but at least you can try to understand the etymology? See this article by Dr Jon Aske, Department of Foreign Languages, Salem State University.: ...

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