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I'm using Anki to learn vocabulary and memorize idiomatic sentence structure with great success. Anki is a free spaced repetition system. It comes in a desktop version and mobile versions. Once you download it you can get free decks of the most common words or useful sentences. I'm currenlty using this deck. FWIW, plain ole memorization didn't work for me ...


You can acces on the tab View history up in the corner Ver historial to see changes that has been done since the first time. http://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Android&action=history And on the tab discuciĆ³n you can see users discussing about changes to apply to that article. On the history you can compare two versions and looking the ...


From what I know the articles are written by native speakers, they aren't the translation of other articles, if you check the articles are different across the different languages. I use Wikipedia to see how to translate a specific terms, in my case in computer related topics. You can see in the references, many of them are in Spanish


I think Spanish Wikipedia is well written. I have not found cases in which the article has translation problems or so. That Android article is cool. In my opinion they are not translated automatically (almost) never, at least I don't do so. Wikipedia will take you the right way.

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