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Es un nombre poco comun, es mas frecuente Felix, y es pmuy probable que la gente no sepa de la existencia del mito del ave Fenix.


While it is true that in Venezuela "cuchara" can be slang for vagina, it's a perfectly safe word to use. Everyone uses it and no one will think it's vulgar. "Cucharilla" is for small spoons like a teaspoon. "Cuchara" is for the bigger, soup spoon. Source: Born, raised and living in Venezuela.


I'll add an answer since the current accepted answer doesn't reflect the situation in Guatemala. The answer is very simple, too. In Guatemalan Spanish cuchara is the word you use. Context will make it very clear, and, unless you're among close friends, no one is going to assume you're using the slang term. Necesito una cuchara... Si no, no puedo comer. ...


Feel free to say cuchara, the situation and the context will be enough for your interlocutor to understand if your're talking about a spoon... or not. Although is told that in Guatemala people replace this word with the diminutive "cucharilla" when speaking about spoons to avoid confusion, it's not true: in Guatemala people do say cuchara for a spoon, and ...

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