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The word "brasilero" is accepted by the Real Academia de la Lengua. So, you can use it instead of "brasileño" without any problem. Recommendation: when you doubt about a word, just check it at To be honest, I always thought that "brasilero" was wrong but it turns out that is correct.


Here in Spain we talk about "películas de suspense", "películas de terror", "películas de acción"... So I believe what you want to say is "La película fue de suspense". And if you are not talking about the genre (is that corret?) of the movie you can say "La película tuvo mucho suspense". "It was a suspenseful action movie" could be "Fue una película de ...


Tl;dr: no, it's not correct. There isn't a perfect one-word translation for "suspenseful". You can use "emocionante" or "intrigante", although those are closer to "exciting" or "thrilling". The translation for "suspenseful" most searching engines offer is "de suspenso"1: I cover my eyes during the most suspenseful parts of a movie = Durante los momentos ...

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