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There is no such circumflex accent in Spanish. The only diacritics available are: acute accent sección código dieresis ungüento pingüino There is the letter ñ (with some sort of a diacritic), but we could say that is just a different letter than n.


Esdrújula words are stressed in the antepenultimate syllable, independently of how many syllables the word has. Thus, it doesn't matter if the word has four or more syllables, but in which syllable, counting from the end of the word, the stress falls. Check this link, for example.


As @JMVanPelt has already answered, the key criterion is which syllable stressed (acento): If the antepenultimate (third from last) syllable is stressed, means "Esdrújula" It has always accent (tilde) If the fourth from last syllable is stressed, means "Sobreesdrújula". It has always accent (tilde) too. In your examples: "digásela" is wrong not ...

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