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What does this construction mean and what are it's limits? Why isn't it Taqueria de la Michoacana? Is this a common way of naming things?

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More or less as MikeWats mentioned, stores are often named by store type (zapatería, bar, cafetería, taquería, etc) and then given a juxtaposed name (that is, placed without a preposition). It's common anywhere not just in Mexico but all over the Spanish-speaking world, although less so with newer more commercial/(inter)national places that go with a single brand name.

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It is just the name of the taquería

  • The United Fruit Company is a company name.
  • La Michoacana in this case is the name too. Since Spanish uses more articles than English, stores names have one most of the times.
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In "La Michoacana" the article "La" is telling you that the place is bound to "Michoacan" state, being "Michoacana" treated like you would treat a nationality.

It's like "The American Shop", you're saying that the shop is bound to America or has something to do with it.

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The full name is "La Michoacana"

For instance , could be :

Ferretería Don Pepe
Taqueria Los Hermanos
Neveria La Michoacana --> Famous in Mexico

In México is a common way for naming stores , in this case it´s named for the State of Michoacan.

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+1 I've seen "Neveria/Paleteria La Michoacana" places in multiple Mexican states... – DarkAjax Jul 14 '14 at 18:53

It could be but it is just written another way.

Simply put its a simple adjective followed by a proper noun.

You'd say the same in English as:

  • Record Store "The Beetles"

Or something similar along those lines.

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