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DELE is a Spanish language proficiency level certification offered by Spain. Is there any equivalent certification offered by Mexico? For example, in English there's the IELTS for British English and TOEFL for American English. Similarly DELE is for Spain's Spanish; what is the equivalent for Mexican Spanish?

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DELE is offered by Instituto Cervantes who is founder of SICELE together with many universities from America.

So I am quite sure that DELE is the only one, many Mexicans universities are in the list.

By the way in Nueva Delhi, Pune, AHMEDABAD, Calcuta, Chennai there are schools where to obtain in.

Offtopic: I see on many questions you tend to ask the differences between Mexico - Spanish and maybe others countries. It is true that a teacher should know this differences, but as a student I recommend you to learn just one, and when you become good at it you would have no problems figuring out what means on other country. In my opinion Spanish it is more elaborated grammatically and orthographically than English, once this base has been learned the rest is phonetic. Imagine if I had to learn all English accents.

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Thanks and you got it right, I do tend to ask about differences between Mexican Spanish vs others in most of my questions. But that's only because I am focussed on Mexican Spanish and if I feel there could be multiple ways of saying the same thing, I would prefer to learn the Mexican one. That's why in most questions, I ask for people to tell me how it's said "in Mexico." – TheLearner Jun 14 '14 at 22:07

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