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Dictionary says both mean "gate". I want to know if there is any finer difference between the two, especially regional ones. What's the word you use for gate in your regions? More specifically I would like to know what the Mexicans use.

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In Spain Verja is more used, I've never hear Cancela in a conversation. – itziki May 29 '14 at 6:47

Verja or Cancela use to refer to metallic structures made of tubes. have you googled images to see the difference? a verja is a metallic structure made of tubes that keep people outside a zone, it is also used as gate in some zones.

A cancela is a door/gate usually side to side with a verja, cancela is more used to refer to a metallic gate but can also be used as verja, it will depend on who are you talking to and who is he/she from.

I think i'm right but i am no linguist

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I did google the images before asking the question and it threw similar images for both the words. So, you're saying verja is more like a boundary/barricade made of metal tubes/rods while a cancela is a metal gate? But then you say that it depends on the person I am speaking to. So what do these words mean in your region? Which word would people use to refer to a gate (metal or otherwise) in your country/region? – TheLearner May 28 '14 at 16:54
I've never hear cancela as gate. I'm from Cuba, lived in mexico, colombia and miami. – Emilio Gort May 29 '14 at 19:07
This answer is correct. According to RAE Verja is Enrejado que sirve de puerta, ventana o, especialmente, cerca., and cancela is when it is used as a door for an entrance as a garden, patio. Verja pequeña que se pone en el umbral de algunas casas para reservar el portal o zaguán del libre acceso del público. Cancela is more used in Andalucia. En Andalucía, verja, comúnmente de hierro y muy labrada. Nowadays is more common to say abre la verja rather than abre la cancela. – AlexBcn May 30 '14 at 22:17

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