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While translating the phrase, “too big for him,” should we use "por" or "para"? In other words, which one of the below would be correct Spanish:

  1. Esa broca es demasiada pequeña por esta pared.

  2. Esa broca es demasiada pequeña para esta pared.

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As I edited @fedorqui answer, it should be demasiado, not demasiada. This is because here it works as an adverb not an adjective. – makeMonday Apr 2 '14 at 15:57
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I would use:

Es demasiado grande para él

Because the following does not have any meaning:

Es demasiado grande por él

So in your case, use the seconde phrase:

Esa broca es demasiado pequeña para esta pared

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I’ve noticed that demasiada is still given as the feminine form of demasiado by the dictionaries. Could you please provide me any scenario in which this feminine form should be used? In this example I was expecting demasiada to go with broca which doesn’t seem to be the case now. – TheLearner Apr 2 '14 at 20:00
@AmitSchandillia As I said in the previous comment, it depends on the role of demasiado in the sentence. In this case is an adverb (a Complemento Circunstancial de Cantidad), and adverbs do not need an agreement of gender and number with the noun, because they don't modify the noun. E.g.: Esas brocas son **demasiado** grandes para esa pared. In the other hand, demasiada, demasiados and demasiadas are adjectives, which have to be in the same gender and number as the noun, they modify the noun. E.g.: Esa mujer tiene **demasiadas** brocas. – makeMonday Apr 3 '14 at 6:39

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