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I'm pretty new to Spanish, but I'm learning with Coffee Break Spanish/listening to TV/Radio/learning vocab via word of the day...pretty much anything I can get my hands on.

Anyway, if I'm ordering a meal at a fast food restaurant and I want to use the phrase 'kid's meal' (or something similar), what words would I use? For example would a 'kid's sandwich' be 'un sandwich de niño'? Or 'un sandwich de los niños?'. How do you use it in a sentance? 'Quisiera ...'?



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Usually, kid's meal is translated as menú infantil.

@c.p. answers are ok. In Spain, you should always say sándwich, because emparedado sounds a bit old-fashioned.

Be aware that, in Spain, sándwich always implies sliced bread. If you use French bread, the right word would be bocadillo. –  Gorpik Feb 25 at 7:35
@Gorpik Totally true! –  makeMonday Feb 25 at 7:41
OK, thanks for the heads up. –  wojonet Feb 25 at 16:31

Just plain

menu infantil

which means a customized menu for kids.


Comida para niños.

Entonces en el ejemplo, la expresión correcta es:

Sándwich para niños.

Otra opción es

Emparedado/bocadillo para niños.

si quieres evitar el anglicismo.

So 'Quisiera un emparedado para niños.' would be the best way to be understood? –  wojonet Feb 24 at 20:07
No. I was wrong, sánwich is perfectly acceptable. But it bears a tilde. See my edit in a minute. –  c.p. Feb 24 at 20:10
Oh right OK. Thanks for the specificity. –  wojonet Feb 24 at 20:20
Emparedado se dice solo en america central. En españa es Bocadillo –  Bruno9779 Feb 25 at 14:28

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