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How do I say ‘He turns out to be a good guy’ in Castilian Spanish?

Resulté un buen hombre

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If you are talking about “him” then it is «Resultó (ser) un buen tipo». The construcion is correct and it is used, you just missed the conjugation. – Carlos Eugenio Thompson Pinzón Dec 10 '13 at 23:06
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'Resultó ser un buen hombre' He is implicit; It is part of the past tense for the verb resultar Also, we need the ser (to be) Optionally, instead of hombre, we may say persona (person), since hombre is commonly used to mean "an adult man", but if the guy is let's say 20 years old or less,then hombre is misleading. so, 'Resultó ser una buena persona' works well for a man of any age. (Except for young kids) Notice that persona does not have gender, it can be used for men as well as women.

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Improvement: The answer is in present, not in the past. So, for 'He turns out to be...': 'Resulta que es...'. But 'He turned out to be...': 'Resultó ser...' – AdrianRM Dec 11 '13 at 13:46

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