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I have a simple webpage, La ComeBotella that I'm using for a Spanish project.

I'm trying to translate the initial English version I debuted with, and I was wondering how to say "about" when talking about a page that has extra information. I tried searching around a little bit but none were the same situations.

I guess I could use "Sobre la ComeBotella" but that would be too long. I could also use "Información" but it feels long too.

Is there a short and simple way to say "about" in this situation.


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Simply "Acerca de" is common usage in the wild, without need for it to be the complete "Acerca de La ComeBotella".

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In the web is common the use of:

  • Acerca de <La ComeBotella>

  • ¿Quiénes somos? <<== Most common

  • Sobre Nosotros

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Good examples Emilio. – Mauricio Dec 3 '14 at 13:45

Also note that in most of Computational Software, "About" is translated as "Acerca de..." (Next to Help to show information about the software itself). I saw this by the first time in Windows 95. Now, all softwares translate in this way.

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