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In a Spanish-language curriculum vitae, I came across the item Natural de:, which I don't understand. It is in the "Personal Data" section (Datos personales).

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Welcome to Spanish.SE. Please be aware we are not a translation service. That doesn't mean your question can't be asked here, but it is a bit border-line. We also like to stick to a single question per question. I have edited your question to be a single question--you may wish to ask a second question about the second phrase. – Flimzy Jun 21 '13 at 18:18
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"Natural de... -Country-" - Means he is native from such country/city/whatever

Btw, it's not "Dator" but "Datos" - meaining Data or Information

And yes, "Formación" is related to the education or training he's had.

You're welcome

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Por favor, consulta como mínimo el diccionario de la RAE ( antes de preguntar aqui.

La segunda acepción es:

.2. adj. Nativo de un pueblo o nación. U. t. c. s.

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