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English: He "gives off" a strange vibe. Español: Él se "desprende" extraño.

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I disagree with @Efreen: yes, you can say: "Él desprende una sensación extraña" and "desprender" in this case means the same that "emana". "Desprender" does not always has to be voluntary, just like "emanar". You could also say "él desprende/emana un aroma extraño" –  Héctor E May 21 at 19:33

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It is closer to "give away" In your example, give off, could be translated to "emana" o "genera" English: He gives off a strange vibe. Español: Él emana/genera una extraña influencia/sensación (note: added a suggested translation for vibe, although it is slang, so could be localized and have many options for translation)

You could think that "desprender" is a more conscious act, like "give away" that you chose when to do, while "give off" can happen any time.

"Desprender" is a verb indicating something is getting separated from something else, so it is technically correct, but not close to what the English phrase meant.

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Interestingly enough, in Honduras, Central America desprenderse is used to describe the action of a bag of garbage emitting a foul odour.

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