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What is the difference between different ways of expressing similarity? I see things like,

  • La niña parece a su hermana.
  • Compró dos vestidos semejantes.
  • Quiere una fiesta de cumpleaños similar a la de su hermano mayor.
  • Son parecidos como dos gotas de agua.

English doesn't have obvious analogs to parecer or semejante in this context. Where would you use one or another of these words?

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La niña SE parece a su hermana.
El/Ella/Mi Papa/Un Alien/Juan compró dos vestidos semejantes/parecidos.
Brian quiere una fiesta de cumpleaños similar/parecida a la de su hermano mayor.
Luis y Juan son parecidos como dos gotas de agua.

The girl looks like her sister.
She bought two similar dresses
Brian wants a party just as his older brother's
Luis and Juan are such a pair of water drops

Parecer (Verb):
look like

Semejante (Adjective):

Similar (Adjective):

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