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Does anyone know what would be the right translation of the term "news junkie" to Spanish?

Or a term which better fits as most used translation for it?

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"Noticiadicto" doesn't exist in Spanish. To use an accepted expression in correct Spanish that conveys the meaning of "news junkie", would be better to use "adicta/o a las noticias".

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Based on the same construction as drogadicto (drug addict) you could use the invented noticiadicto (noticias + adicto).

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Thank you very much for your answer, however I would like to know if there is already a term which is already popular, before I can use the invented "noticiadicto"? Anyone?? Muchas gracias! De todas formas, alguien sabe si ya existe alguna traducción que se use y esté establecida, antes de usar el invento: "noticiadicto"? – Paola Martinucci Apr 4 '13 at 11:14

Just for clarifying, adicto it's a formal way for medical and psycology usage, and that would be a News-addict

But this is not the case, Junkie it's like an slang, so if you want something more informal you could use: Traumado por las noticias, at least in México, maybe in other countries the word Traumado could be replaced.

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